I’m an independent software engineer based in the US, and I work remotely from home. I’ve been working with open-source tech stacks since 2005. I have a strong interest in FinTech and other decentralised technologies.


Tech Preferences


I earned a BS in Computer Science from East Central University in Oklahoma in 2005. There I began my journey into the world of UNIX and Linux. I primarily learned UNIX system administration, shell and Perl scripting, and the C programming language.

Professional Experience

I started my career in the Information Systems Division of Walmart. I applied my knowledge of UNIX, Perl and C to support large software deployments to all store systems. I also took my first foray into web programming with VB (ASP) on a PCI‑compliant web application for credit card entry.

My next role was in Walmart’s ISD Security department. I wrote and supported apps for granting and revoking user access. Systems included Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Linux, UNIX and IBM Mainframe. Also, in this role I wrote tools to manage SSL certificates for Walmart domains. These tools saved an estimated 5+ man‑hours every week. In the same position, I had a brief role as a project manager. My project was to create internal software to manage enterprise SSH key trusts.

Next I worked as a contractor for IBM as a developer, DBA and sysadmin. Our team of three developers supported a custom PHP application for tracking IBM hardware installations in Walmart stores. Major accomplishments on this project were removal of redundant code, implementation of an SQL decoupling layer (based on ezSQL), and optimising the MySQL database schema.

I then got a contract role with Accenture. Mostly this was supporting and converting a legacy build and repo system to use modern technologies.

Next I worked as a Rails developer with the Bonneville Power Administration in Vancouver, Washington. Used git, Ruby, and Rails extensively. Upgraded legacy app from ancient Ruby and Rails versions, and removed hard-coded SQL.

After a bit of soul-searching, I decided to stretch my entrepreneurial muscles. I worked on several different projects over the course of a few months. I started a residential cleaning service (now defunct) and trained and worked as a raw vegan chef. My small business is ongoing, a testing ground for my different business ideas and projects.

My company makes the DashPayments for WooCommerce plugin. It’s the premium WordPress/WooCommerce plugin for receiving direct Dash payments to your Electrum-Dash wallet.

Closing Bits

I’m interested in freelance projects all over the world, especially with regards to FinTech or other decentralised technologies. If you have a project that you think I may be interested in, please get in touch. Feel free to browse my résumé or contact me.

Thanks for reading!